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There are many benefits of learning martial arts. The most obvious benefits relate to improved fitness due to the physical activity. But in Choi Kwang Do, not only do you attain the exercise benefits, but because of the scientific principles behind the techniques, the exercise can be performed in a way which is non-damaging to the body.

The cross lateral movements of the Choi Kwang Do techniques have been proven to stimulate the brain. The brain consists of two halves, the left and right hemispheres. The brain itself is programmed such that the left hemisphere controls the right side of our body, and the right hemisphere controls the left. Therefore, there is an “X” type of connection from the halves of the brain to the opposite sides of the body. In our Choi Kwang Do techniques, both sides of our body are moving at the same time, which results in both hemispheres of the brain being activated simultaneously. The result is “Whole Brain Learning”. In young children this is essential for their development at the early stages. Through our highly refined movements, students improve their mental and physical agility which ultimately boosts their academic performance.

Through our various programmes, we use unique ways to draw out confidence in our more shy and quiet students, whilst helping our more energetic students to calm down and develop better self-control and discipline. In our younger students we guide them to develop well-rounded characters and leadership qualities so that they are well prepared for their future experiences in life. For our older students, through our use of mediation, deep breathing exercises and natural fluidity of technical performance it is a therapeutic means to clear the mind and relieve the tensions and stresses of day to day life.

Ultimately, the underlying aim is to help our students develop and keep a positive mind-set, whilst preparing them for any challenges they may face whether physical or mental.

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